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lorenzo moya

This young painter from Santiago, Chile has developed a style and visual iconography that I find quintessentially Latin. When you view his paintings, you witness surrealistic scenes that appear to be stage sets in the mind. Certain elements keep recurring, the table with a white linen cloth, the narrow streets with light streaming out from doorways, and outdated ships, planes, or cars waiting. In Moya's world, everything seems to be waiting for something to happen.

Moya is a highly skilled draftsman and painter. His oils reflect both skills. His images are carefully drawn and painted with a minimal use of paint which is usually applied over a sienna ground.

If you would like more information about how to acquire or exhibit the artwork of Lorenzo Moya, you may contact Brant Kingman at kingman@winternet.com

    JPEG of The Breakfast
title and dimensions

JPEG of Lost Ship
title and dimensions

JPEG of The Inaugural Voyage
title and dimensions

JPEG of Fish Street
title and dimensions

JPEG of The Ship Factory
title and dimensions

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